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Who's Hope ?

It all started in January 2013 , [ Okay it really started back in 2001, at age 11 . Always addicted to campfires / the outdoors and burning everything .... But , we'll skip those stages ] . Natalie Hope began traveling the world while being on an epic search of finding her purpose. Once she came back to her home town in Queens Village, NY . She came back inspired ! Refreshed by the acts of kindness / entertainment and uniqueness around the world . She then ran away and joined the circus . Literally ! Started a new life, in a new home and began chasing all of the things she wanted out of life .There was one thing that this boss babe could not stop thinking about the most and that was ...... Fire !!!!


Natalie Hope - " I get this crazy inspiring urge of having to do it all ! Whatever my heart desires , I just go for it ! I refuse to live for less . I promised myself I will always surround myself with love and excitement . This is what life is all about for me . It's about living life to the fullest while doing what I love and then expanding worldwide "

When this girl said she wants to do it all , she meant it . Whatever caught her deepest interest she couldn't help but at least try it .


Natalie Hope - " Why not give all of your interests a shot ? At least you tried and had fun in the process ! Who knows ... You may find out something new and thrilling about yourself "

She contacted a friend who was in the Circus Sideshow biz who just so happen to actually want a partner in crime . They taught her everything they knew . From fire transfers , vapor locks , fire eating , to fire breathing . She became an unstoppable force and was Fire Performing on stage within just 3 days after she had learned !! It wasn't long till her career sky rocketed . Within that same month she was fire performing at many venues and parties . She then found a passion for using Fire Props like Fire Fans , Fire Palm Torches with Fire Belt, Fire Hula Hoop etc.  Within that same year she was fire performing in Mansions , Corporate Events , Conventions , Music Videos , Commercials and more! 

She makes the children gaze in wonder at the mysterious flame and makes the adults ...... HOT . She has a burning passion for fire performing!

Natalie Hope - " It's lots of fun fire performing for kids. They just can't get there mind around how I am not getting burned and ask silly questions like " Is that real fire ? " After Performing for kids for such a long time I had to come up with my own comedy skit! We get lots of laughter in and lots of amazement. Of course , I always have to let it be known to all kids not to do this at home but to follow there dreams and if they ever want to become a fire performer they can contact me when they are older . Keeping the fire community safe is very important . We are apart of a fire community that is very strict on safety . They hold fire safety classes and gatherings so we can all get to know one another and keep the community safe . Not to mention keeping the fire performing alive and welcome as well ! If one person ruins it , that ruins it for all of us . Luckily those who are apart of the community respect everyone and the flame . "

Natalie likes to collaborate according to the kind of venue or party theme you are having. For Weddings, kids parties, or very traditional parties she offers to cover her tattoos , dress more formal or fully clothed . So far everyone has accepted her for who she is but the offer will always still be there . You can customize it all . Choose the type of music you would like her to perform to or send her your own play list . She can also perform to whatever your DJ is playing for the night . There's no limitiations .

Dress her up ! Is your party themed ? Hawaiian ? Masquerade ? 4th of July ? Bunnies ? She loves dressing the part and will make sure to keep in touch till you are absolutely ecstatic with the ideas she came up with for the performance .

Learn More about her on her Personal Website -

Flow Joe and Natalie Hope

    Flow Joe is a Yoga Teacher/Instructor / Massage Therapist / Personal Trainer by Day and Fire Spinner by Night

                        Joseph Tomczyk was founded by Natalie Hope in Feb 2014 , spinning poi props and having big dreams . They both shared the same wild interests in flow arts and fire . So it began !

                  Natalie Hope couldn't resist but to have him a part of her fire performing . Joe has this flow to his performing that is tantalizing and exciting! While Natalie Hope has sex appeal, and great talent as well .

                   Teaming together they made out to be one of the Hottest Fire Performing Couple around !

                    Joe definitely brings that excitement to the table with his fire breathingback flips , mystical poi spinning , and dragon staff flowing.

                   As a team they collaborate according to the kind of venue / party theme you are having .

                They have done all kinds of parties ! Countless Sweet 16's , Anniversaries , Weddings , Corporate Events , Festivals , Concerts , Birthday Parties , Luaus , and much more ! Don't let our look fool you . We do many Sweet 16's/ Kids Parties and don't allow our appearance to limit what appeals to many different types of audiences .                     


What To Expect

With Flow Joe's Fire Breathing Back Flips, Mystical Poi Spinning and Dragon Staff Flowing Combined with Natalie's Technical Fire Fan Spinning , Belly Dance Belt with Palm Torches , Fun Fire Hooping , Fire Eating / Manipulation , Fire Breathing skills come out to be one Incredible Performance at your party that no one will ever forget and will be talking great things for a life time !

                      Together we create fun , daring advanced fire breathing skills that are seen no where around . We take our partner skills to the next level . Including fire eating .

    These daring skills are inspired by Natalie Hope's past Circus / Sideshow Performing , which was also Associated with the cast of Coney Island's Sideshow !

 Anyone can spin fire but how far can they take it while keeping the beautiful art unique ? That's what we strive for . Uniqueness and to Astound !

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