Unsure of what to write ? Here are some Ideas.

- Is this for a Music Video? Commercial? Movie? Party?

- Is this for a Modeling Gig? (If so please provide me with your work)

- Are you applying to be one of my performers?

(Please provide me with your site,pictures,video and bio along with what you have to offer for Hopes Fire Fantasies)

- What kind of party are you having ?

- Is there a theme ?

- What's the age range ?

- Is there a music preference ? (If not that's okay we come with our own music and play what suits best with your party.)

- Is there a DJ ?

- How long would you like the performance ? 15min ? 25 - 30 min ? 1 hour ? 3 hours ? In 15 min sets through out the night ?

- Where are you located ?

(I live in NY , Queens Village with no limitations.

I would love to travel and perform at your event or party

and we'll talk about cost of gas / toll / flight / hotel.)

- What time would you like our performance?

( If outdoors most prefer around 9pm once the sun goes down is the best time to see the flame at its brightest.)

- Is this an indoor or outdoor event?

( If indoor - How high are the ceilings ? How much room is there on the stage or area I will be performing in ? Can you provide me a picture ? I can also meet up with you to check the area out.

If outdoor, are there trees? Is it a windy area? How big is the space? )

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly

Hopes Fire Fantasies

Based in Queens Village, NY and Worldwide!

Call or Text General Manager (516) 512-3594


New York, NY

Tel: (516)512-3594


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