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Unsure of what to write ? Here are some Ideas.

- Is this for a Music Video? Commercial? Movie? Party?

- Is this for a Modeling Gig? (If so please provide me with your work)

- Are you applying to be one of my performers?

(Please provide me with your site,pictures,video and bio along with what you have to offer for Hopes Fire Fantasies)

- What kind of party are you having ?

- Is there a theme ?

- What's the age range ?

- Is there a music preference ? (If not that's okay we come with our own music and play what suits best with your party.)

- Is there a DJ ?

- How long would you like the performance ? 15min ? 25 - 30 min ? 1 hour ? 3 hours ? In 15 min sets through out the night ?

- Where are you located ?

(I live in NY , Queens Village with no limitations.

I would love to travel and perform at your event or party

and we'll talk about cost of gas / toll / flight / hotel.)

- What time would you like our performance?

( If outdoors most prefer around 9pm once the sun goes down is the best time to see the flame at its brightest.)

- Is this an indoor or outdoor event?

( If indoor - How high are the ceilings ? How much room is there on the stage or area I will be performing in ? Can you provide me a picture ? I can also meet up with you to check the area out.

If outdoor, are there trees? Is it a windy area? How big is the space? )

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly

Success! Message received.

Hopes Fire Fantasies

Based in Queens Village, NY and Worldwide!

Call or Text General Manager (516) 512-3594

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