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Fire Eater & Fire Manipulator

She Eats Fire like candy and does fire manipulation where she sets parts of her body ON FIRE to set the torch to flame . Watch as the fire glides along her skin without a burn . She is the pain proof woman you have been looking for! She'll hold the flame in her mouth turning herself into a candle [ Vapor Lock ] . She'll hold the torch between her teeth with no hands ! She'll let you ROAST MARSHMALLOWS over the flame held in her mouth ! She puts an interesting twist to her performances , thanks to performing in Circus Sideshows for many years .

Fire Poi

No one can Resist having Fire Poi action at there party! Fire Poi are two giant balls of fire hanging from two chains. Watch as they flow around our bodies in fast and slow motions to the music. Rolls and Spins will happen!!!

Fire Fans

Technical Fire spinning with a wild, fun or sensual routine customized for your event mixed with Lyrical dance -Expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic, focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. It is a combination of intricate, highly technical moves .

Dragon Staff

The Dragon Staff is based on the ancient Chinese weapon/performance prop, the Fei Cha . Performances with props of this type look Amazing as the spokes create a Huge Wheel of Fire at each end of the staff. The audience is bound to go wild when I rev up the Dragon Staff!

Fire Hula Hoop

Fire Hooping is loved all a-round ! Watch as she hypnotizes you with her hips, hoop flips, and tricks. This fire flows around her body without burning her as she does some fun hula hooping for your entertainment

Fire Snake Poi

 Fire snake poi create beautiful wings of fire while spun around. These poi produce a massive flame with enticing patterns while spun.   

Fire Belly Dance Belt With Palm Torches

Watch as she tantalizes the audience with her fire belt and fire palm torches mixed with professional flowing belly dance movements along with shimmies to get the audience pumped or mesmerized  . Routine can be mixed with giant fire fans as well .

Fire Breathing

A Female and Male Dragon-A must see !! This Fearless Woman along with her Daring Partner not only Breathe Fire , but they Breathe Fire Upside Down / Hanging From People / Spinning / and Flipping !


We will collaborate with you to fit our fire performance special for your party and theme , including music !
Customize our performance to match your budget !
Many fire performers out there are willing to cut there rates low but not give you the kind of performance that you deserve. We would rather make your event something no one will ever forget !
We are priced by the time offered , props used , the amount of performers you request and distance .
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