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If you're hiring to perform in a Hotel/Ballroom/Restaurant/Mansion, you will need someone with the highest insurance coverage to be allowed to perform and we got it!


Natalie Hope is an Insured Fire Performer through Specialty Insurance Agency in which covers up to 5,000,000 in liability. 

Please follow the link provided to read more about the coverage.  Specialty Insurance Agency.


Natalie comes equipped with her own professionally trained fire safety and has the ability to work with your local fire department to obtain any permits that may be necessary to perform at your venue.


Natalie attended safety class taught by Shane Ravenbane which covers all aspects of fire manipulation from fuels,to props,to performing and is Safety Certified!

This hands-on course teaches the information you need to properly and quickly address any type of fire emergency she might encounter.


Natalie is now officially added to a special list that the Fire Marshals provide in order to be recognized. This list allows us to fire perform and branch out in the city without hassle.

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